Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Rant

So there were a bunch of hippy groups gathered at school today to celebrate the deaths of American soldiers. They had several thousand fake headstones that they placed all over campus with each one containing the name of a fallen soldier in Iraq. The people claim that they are a non-partisan group whose sole purpose is to show everyone the “human cost of Bush’s war.” I’m pretty sure that they’re celebrating every American death because it gives them another name to add to another headstone.

Also the Senate is trying to force amnesty for 12 million criminals into law. The scary thing is that it looks like they may do it; which would pretty much give millions of ILLEGAL aliens even more rights than citizens as they probably won’t be required to pay taxes on all of their past income. Many groups have estimated that this will produce a net financial burden on the government of $2-4 TRILLION over the next ten years. With 300 million people in the US, that comes out to an average of over $1300 that each and every American will be paying in taxes each year solely to support the drain on the budget caused by these criminals. I’ll pay the extra few cents my fruits and veggies will cost by having to pay Americans to pick them instead of depending on illegal workers illegally handling my food for a few bucks a day.

We used to have places like Ellis Island where we funneled all potential immigrants through and screened them before allowing to officially enter the US. We have extensive laws and regulations and hoops to jump through for anyone who wants to legally come to the US and the process can be expensive and take years. Most of the illegal aliens here today skipped the process and walked across the Mexican border, and now they’re being rewarded for it. Now I want to move to Mexico, renounce my US citizenship and hop back across the US border to enjoy all of the privileges of being an illegal alien in this country.

Also, Congress is considering a bill making it a criminal action punishable with jail time to download copyrighted works from the internet or use them without buying them first. So not only are they going to pardon millions of criminals who shouldn’t be here in the first place, they want to send kids to jail for sharing a song or two with their friends. I’m starting to consider moving to a freer country like China, where foreigners can get away with much more than citizens (sound familiar?) but in things like being a Christian criticizing government without disappearing.

I guess that’s about it for my quasi-coherent rant. Someday I hope to be represented in either half of Congress, but until that day I’ll just complain a lot and wish I was old enough to run against these morons.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gas Saving Tips

With gas in Seattle above $3 a gallon people are more concerned with fuel economy. The easiest way to improve your car’s gas mileage is to replace it. The Volkswagen Lupo TDI has one of the best MPG ratings in the world (over 80mpg), yet is not a hybrid, nor is sold in the US. However, replacing your car solely to save a few cents per mile is neither practical nor economical.

Many sites give you tips on maximizing your gas mileage in your existing vehicles that have been around for many years. Things such as proper engine maintenance and tire pressure are a given and are important in maintaining maximum mileage. Here’s a few that aren’t normally listed (some for good reason).

1) Kill your engine. Your engine is burning gas whenever it’s running. There are times when you don’t actually need your engine. When you’re waiting at a long red light, turn the engine off. This is not recommended if your battery or starter motor are bad as you could get stuck in the middle of the road.

2) Extreme drafting. One of the biggest factors that reduce your gas mileage at high speeds is air resistance. You can eliminate much of this air resistance by tailgating larger vehicles such as semi trucks. As
ninjawords defines tailgating as driving “dangerously close behind another vehicle,” do so at your own risk.

3.) Shed extra weight. I’m not talking about emptying the random junk out of your trunk or the garbage out of your back seat, although that can help too; I’m talking about your waistline. That extra Big Mac may add a few cents you your gas bill. If you weigh less, your car weighs less on the road which means less gas is burned. You might also end up a little healthier and you’ll save a few bucks a year on your gas bill too.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Hex 09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0

This string of hexadecimal is being threatened from existence. This happens to be the decoder key for most HD-DVD discs. This key will allow you to use these discs on your computer. The MPAA is threatening to sue web sites that have this key published. So naturally my love for the MPAA forces me to share this key on my blog for the whole world (being my 4 regular readers) to see.

Wow, I've actually been posting fairly regularly lately. Let's see how long this lasts.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's May Day again

Apparently many illegal immigrants are taking this year’s Socialist New Year to boycott all things American. They won’t spend money in American businesses. To prove that they are committed to working a better job than they would otherwise work in their home country, many are walking off their jobs to attend random rallies intended to show their solidarity toward other illegal immigrants. I can see this rally as a great benefit to most legal Americans who need some form of government assistance.

If I received a serious injury on this fine Tuesday, today would be the most convenient day to do so. Most of the hospitals around here are plagued by illegal immigrants (from many countries, but mostly Mexico) who use the emergency rooms as a general clinic for any random ailment since they cannot be legally turned away. These people usually add an hour or two or more to the wait times at the emergency room. Since all illegal immigrants are being urged by other illegal immigrants to boycott all things American, the emergency rooms should be nearly empty. If I screwed up while using some of my random power tools and needed emergency room care, today would be the day to do it.

If I was one of the 4.4%* of Americans currently looking for a job, today is the day to search. The unemployment offices will be emptier than usual as many illegal immigrants are boycotting all things American. It would potentially be easier to get a job as some people will potentially fired for walking off their jobs to attend demonstrations. If I needed another job, this would be the time to look.

If I was of the criminal mind and took pleasure from harming people, May Day would be the day to do so. If these illegal immigrants are boycotting all things American, they would not call the authorities to report a crime committed against them because that would be a break in their boycott by getting assistance from American authorities.

My solution for the illegal immigration problem:

1) Build a giant wall along the US-Mexican border. Most of our illegal immigrants are coming into the US via this route and it must be capped. This wall would include seismic monitors to monitor underground tunneling that would probably take place.

2) Build an equally impressive wall along the US-Canadian border. Most illegal immigrants coming through our Southern border are of Latino origin. Most non-Latino, illegal immigrants come across our Northern border. Although these numbers are substantially smaller, they are probably very impressive none the less, and these people are equally guilty of breaking our laws.

3) Increase border patrols. We have millions of active soldiers and millions of National Guard troops. I don’t see why we can’t put them on our borders. If they need funding, we should get them more funding. If they need training, we should get them more training. Our congress seems to have no problem earmarking billions of dollars for their pet, pork projects; why not put some of that money to good use.

4) Monitor those immigrants we have in our country already, those here both legally and illegally. If someone is here legally on a work visa, they will usually be deported immediately if they lose their job, so why not let the same be true for the illegal immigrants too? If a Socialist Security number comes up repeatedly in the IRS databases, they should inform the other governmental agencies to investigate (and these agencies should have the resources needed to do so).

5) Heavily penalize businesses for using illegal labor. A fine of a few thousand dollars per labor hour should be sufficient to deter the hiring of an ineligible employee. Also make it easier for business owners to run background checks on their potential employees.

6) We need a better system for allowing legal immigration into the US. Unfortunately Americans are generally lazy bums who don’t like hard work for low pay. Americans are used to getting others to do hard work for close to minimum wage. We should take all of these jobs and offer them first to all those who collect welfare and unemployment handouts. Unfortunately many of these people have been sucking the tits of big government for so long that they cannot be weaned overnight. They should have their benefits slashed if they are offered a job they are capable of and they refuse. If there are jobs left over that won’t be filled, we should consider raising the pay for these jobs. Since most people don’t want to pay several dollars for a pound of produce from the store, that may be unrealistic for the time being. Thus we must we must get used to the fact that some things will cost more for the greater benefit of society. If we're paying less taxes to support these people we're all saving more money in the long term.

I’ve worked construction, I’ve worked in a kitchen, I’ve roofed houses, I’ve cleaned fish, I’ve emptied garbages, I’ve mopped floors, I’ve cut wood, I’ve picked apples, I’ve shoveled manure, I've landscaped, I’ve done many of the jobs that illegal immigrants do. I personally don’t like many of them and would go out of my way to avoid doing them again, but my dislike is from my own experience. If I really needed the money I would consider doing some of these jobs again, but they’re not my first choice of work. I’m a little fed up that I constantly hear that these are jobs that Americans won’t do. No, they generally won’t do them for minimum wage. Anyone who tells me otherwise is now in jeopardy of losing their head, in any sense of the word you chose.
Happy Socialist New Year to you all.

*Number provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics