Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh No!

San Francisco is having a major crisis right now that may lead to the end of life as they know it. Is it the number of illegal immigrants moving into the city and refusing to assimilate into the culture? No. Neither is the population now so gay that there aren’t enough children being born to replace the old people dying off. It’s even worse: black people are moving out of the city!

According to the article in USA Today, San Francisco’s population is only 6.5% black as of 2005, down from 13.4% in 1970. Some guy named Ed Blakely was quoted as saying “Black flight can alter a city's character. It's important for a city's future that it be a diverse place, and San Francisco is drifting toward being an upper-middle-class city.”

This either means that the definition of “upper-middle-class” now means “not black” or that the black people moving out are either stinking rich, dirt poor, or some combination of the two. Since SF is freakishly expensive to live in, I’ll assume that poorer people are being priced out of the city into the surrounding areas in hopes of living cheaper. Which is horrifically changing the makeup of the city into more middle class families and less people being forced to live in the slums. Obviously this is terrible if you’re a SF resident as your losing the most valuable commodities on the planet: “culture” and “diversity”. Not sure what their definition of culture is, but the definition of diversity is pretty clear. Diversity now means “not white”.

So now that San Francisco might soon be competing with Seattle for the second whitest city in the country, does anyone really care? People move when they find better jobs elsewhere. People move to where they can enjoy a higher standard of living for the same amount of money. Other people move when they realize that San Francisco sucks and they’re stuck with people like Nancy Pelosi as their Representative in Congress.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Still Alive

Yep, I managed to survive my cruise. I’ve been fairly busy over the last few weeks, even if though it really doesn’t feel like I’ve done very much. School starts in 4 weeks and I think I’m looking forward to it, even if it will be a new experience at a new school. I haven’t been reading much but I’ve been increasing my running/jogging lately.
The new press at work still isn’t up and running yet, even though they’ve now had it for almost 2 months. Work is slow but interesting as I do tons of random stuff that’s completely unrelated to actual print shop work. I’ve been building cabinets, sealing roofs, and working on the boss’s other random projects around the shop. I’ll shoot to have at least one new post up later this week. Maybe I’ll binge blog and write up 10 posts or something and then just release them every day until I’m out of them and then my few readers will have to wait weeks again for the next update as usual.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm off

I made several trips to the hardware store yesterday during work for one of my boss's new projects. After getting two new racks measured and cut he decided that he wanted something completely different. Therefore I had to made another trip to the hardware store for another $150 in supplies to redo something in a way that may or may not be as good as what he originally had me do. Weird Al's "Hardware Store" was going through my head all day. Oh well, I get paid by the hour.

We’re leaving for our cruise in an hour or so, and the more I’m hearing the less I’m liking. Apparently there’s a fairly formal dress-code for the entire ship during evening hours that forbids virtually every article of clothing I own. They just told me this the morning after I’ve already packed. I read in the handbook that it forbids: “printed t-shirts, swimsuits, shorts, jeans, and sweats” from all public places on the ship. Not sure I want to go swimming during this time if that’s the case. Gotta run, back next week.