Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring is Almost Here

I have 2 regular days of school left, then one final, then my spring break will begin. I have done more studying in the last week than I have probably done all quarter. I also have an essay to write by tuesday on the documentry film, "Daughter from Da-Nang." I have been able to keep some sense of sanity by rewatching a few episodes of "One Piece" with subtitles provided by #Kaizoku-Fansubs.
I have also been killing my stress by killing anything that moves in the game, CrimsonLand; and obliterating stick figures in Defend Your Castle, where I currently have the highest score I've ever seen anyone have. I am on level 289 at the moment and gaining swiftly. Many people think that this game gets more boring the higher in level you get, because you can just hire thousands of archers to kill anything on the screen. I'm taking a different approach to the game, I'm hiring as few people as I can get away with so that I can keep most of my points to spend later. I am currently employing 925 archers, 125 wizards, and 525 craftsmen. This leaves me with a castle of 3.5 million hitpoints. I have currently earned 264,871,700 points with 203,973,552 available to spend on castle wall improvement or hiring more units. My goal is to reach the point where 90% of my earned points are spendable. Right now I can only save 87% of the points I earn each level as the rest goes into unit upkeep. After reaching 90% usable points, my next goal will be to increase my castle wall from 3.5 million hitpoints to 1 billion hitpoints. This will probably take a few weeks, but not a problem since I have just enough units to keep my castle alive when I'm not sitting at my computer playing the game. This is definately made possibly by the 'save' feature in the game as I can't feasably do more than 50 levels before my computer needs a reboot.

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Other post Disappeared

My other post just vanished without a trace when I updated last. It had the cool article about wizards not getting much help here in our dimension. If you didn't see that article, here is is again.

And the important daily advice from last month: If you can avoid having a computer monitor land on your head, you'd be wise to do such. It really hurts, believe me.

I'm Still Here

I'm sure both of my readers realize that I am quite alive and well for the most part. They might even care if I've posted or not. But I haven't for over a month and I'm doing something about it now.

News for the last month:
Congress thinks is has power to grant or deny permission for a Middle Eastern company to buy a British company. It doesn’t. But congress tries to do quite a few things it doesn’t really have power to do.
Intel is previewing their newest generation of CPU, Conroe, which should be out Q3. The engineering test they performed showed it to be about 20% faster than an overclocked Athlon FX60. Since Intel pieced the rigs together I’d be hesitant to take those benchmarks as 100% unbiased, but I wish Intel well in their quest to regain the top seat that was so violently snatched away from them many moons ago. If they can deliver a product to match power with AMD’s finest, I smell a price war coming. Which directly benefits me because computer components get cheaper. ATI and Nvidia are also in such a predicament, with ATI keeping their high throne at the same time as trying to undercut Nvidia in pricing.
I still haven’t seen snow in my proximity this year and am getting bummed. Yesterday I did see snow falling, but nothing stuck to the ground.
The US is beginning to pull troops from around the world. Since occupying Germany in 1945, we’re beginning to move a large number of our troops back home since the new German government appears to have everything under control. We’re also considering pulling troops out of Iceland as they’re not being threatened by the Commies anymore. Those troops would be better used threatening Commies and illegal immigrants here in the US. At the rate we’re going we should have a total troop withdrawal from Germany and Japan by 2095; we’ll probably have most of our troops out of Iraq by 2010. How’s that for efficiency?

Piece of advice for today: If you have a 4-5 page essay due in a class, it is advisable that you don’t wait until 45 minutes before that class begins to actually start writing that essay.