Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Windows 7

So it’s just my luck that the week I get my computer completely functional, I get the opportunity to buy a copy of Windows 7 for $30. This was a student rate that only requires you to have a .edu email address to register through Microsoft’s “Ultimate Steal” program.

Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should have been. I hope that it lives up to its hype. But either way, I would like to have an OS that will allow me to fully utilize more than 3.25GB of RAM and DirectX 10/11.

The copy I have is only an upgrade license rather than the full license, however, as long as you have a legit copy of Windows XP or Vista it should work without issue. I just reformatted my hard drive to have a clean instillation of Windows 7, and I will know later today if it actually works or if I’ll have to reinstall Windows XP so that I can install 7 on top of it.