Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wise Politician?

I'd vote probably vote for anyone in the US that talked like this guy (and I'm not talking about his accent). His name is Daniel Hannan and he's a British MEP.

Earth Hour?

Some hippy Australian thing has spread like the Plague across much of the guilt, ridden Western World. Many people feel guilty for living in the modern world, with modern conveniences such as electric lights. So to celebrate their moral superiority millions of idiots are taking a stand against modern technology in support of global warming, or something like that. They are turning off all the lights and living by candles and lanterns for an hour. These idiots don't realize that more pollution is generated by burning candles than is produced by generating the electricity used to power a 100 watt bulb (which also puts out more light).

To show my support for human progress over the last century I am observing Human Achievement Hour. Instead of turning everything off, I'm putting the halogen shop lights in the front windows for the world to see. I got out some Christmas lights too. And I'm spending the hour in front of the computer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Free: 50+ Blue and Orange Popsicles

Best Craigslist post ever!:
My kids only eat red popsicles, so here I am again, with a freezer full of blue and orange popsicles . . . . Free to anyone who can pick them up today. Tell me what time you can be hear (I'm near Steilacoom and Bridgeport) and I'll send the address to whoever can be hear first.
Blue is usually my favorite color popsicle since that's usually blue raspberry, which is my favorite flavor.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another Month Gone...

I really want to know where all the time went. It seems like it was just Christmas, and now the winter quarter is almost over with finals approaching. We had snow for a couple days last week, of the consistency that makes perfect snowballs. Sakura-Con is only five weeks away, and I'm looking forward to almost every minute of it.

The country is still going down the tubes and probably will for the next five years, longer if Obama stays in office past 2012; slightly shorter if conservatives can get themselves elected to Congress next year.

I thought I has something else worth saying but I can't remember what it was, so it obviously wasn't that important.

Random thought of the day:
How is it that God, the creator and master of the universe expects us to give Him 10%, while the guy at the restaurant that brings me the food I ordered thinks he deserves 15%?