Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour?

Some hippy Australian thing has spread like the Plague across much of the guilt, ridden Western World. Many people feel guilty for living in the modern world, with modern conveniences such as electric lights. So to celebrate their moral superiority millions of idiots are taking a stand against modern technology in support of global warming, or something like that. They are turning off all the lights and living by candles and lanterns for an hour. These idiots don't realize that more pollution is generated by burning candles than is produced by generating the electricity used to power a 100 watt bulb (which also puts out more light).

To show my support for human progress over the last century I am observing Human Achievement Hour. Instead of turning everything off, I'm putting the halogen shop lights in the front windows for the world to see. I got out some Christmas lights too. And I'm spending the hour in front of the computer.

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