Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm off

I made several trips to the hardware store yesterday during work for one of my boss's new projects. After getting two new racks measured and cut he decided that he wanted something completely different. Therefore I had to made another trip to the hardware store for another $150 in supplies to redo something in a way that may or may not be as good as what he originally had me do. Weird Al's "Hardware Store" was going through my head all day. Oh well, I get paid by the hour.

We’re leaving for our cruise in an hour or so, and the more I’m hearing the less I’m liking. Apparently there’s a fairly formal dress-code for the entire ship during evening hours that forbids virtually every article of clothing I own. They just told me this the morning after I’ve already packed. I read in the handbook that it forbids: “printed t-shirts, swimsuits, shorts, jeans, and sweats” from all public places on the ship. Not sure I want to go swimming during this time if that’s the case. Gotta run, back next week.


Neemund said...

For some reason my entire family is convinced that no printed t-shirts means that polos and dress shirts are required. I went through and tossed in a few t-shirts that are embroidered, not printed. Also a few sweat shirts as this is Alaska and my tux t-shirt for formal dinners. This will make my experience much more pleasurable if that’s the case since vacations are supposed to be fun.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Doesn't sound relaxing....Well, have fun in the dressy clothes. :)