Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long time no post!

Well it's definitely been too long since my last post. Do most of you reading this really care? Probably not. Since my last post several important things have happened in the world. I found out that I am listed in the acknowledgements of Claire Wolfe's newest book, The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook. My spring break started about 8 hours ago, and I plan to waste every second possible with totally random and cool stuff, not to mention catching up on a few month's worth of lost sleep. A bunch of students tormented another student beyond his breaking point; now a handful of people are dead. Bryan Suits is back on the radio in his rightful timeslot and I am happy for myself because I can listen to him 5 days a week again. A few other things that might be important also happened, but they are obviously not important enough for me to remember at the moment.

Quote of the moment:
I Solve My Problems Through Violence


EJB said...

*in kiki voice* You're so lucky!

Toad734 said...

Well,the other day I did hear something about a lady in Florida who is brain dead but I really haven't heard much about it since then. It must have just been some small local story.

Neemund said...

Brain dead woman in Florida? Doesn't sound too exciting. But ona differnt note, there are a handful of casinos in Las Vegas taking bets as to how much longer the pope will live.