Friday, April 08, 2005

Wow School is Boring

I now have 9 hours of free time to kill at school every week now that the new quarter has started. I spend most of this time reading news online. I also study my quiz book during this time. Yesterday I was even so bored that I did homework. I eventually ran out of that to do, so I made up something to do. I didn't feel like making a cool post, so I am dedicating this post to TBQelite and Rebenstrange. I took their profile pictures and separated them. Here they are:

You can tell which is which because TBQelite was wearing his watch, while Rabenstrange doesn't wear watches.


TBQelite said...

Wow... you truly were bored if you had the time to put our pictures back together. Though it wasn't that complex in the first place.

The Shadow Walker said...

Oh well. Now you know how it feels.

andy said...

i wish i had 9 hours to spare in school