Monday, January 16, 2006

Home is Home

I've now been home from the other coast for almost two weeks and I'm glad to be back. The only advantage of being on the east Coast as opposed to the West Coast is seeing TV 3 hours earlier. I really can't think of another good reason to live there. And unless my life revolved around TV, that isn't a really good reason at all. And now that I'm home again I TiVo 90% of my TV anyway so there's really no point being able to record it a few hours earlier if I'm not planning to watch it right away anyway. My biggest issues with living on the east Coast as opposed to the West Coast are as follows:
A) I think it's the first time in my life I've lived more than 2 miles from a Starbucks. Even when I was in England and Romania there was a Starbucks within 2 blocks of me.
B) I had to search long and hard to find a computer store. They're really rare as far as I could see. The only one I actually found and visited on my expedition out east was in Hattisburg, Mississippi; unfortunately it got leveled by Katrina only days after my last purchase there. What's even more unfortunate was the fact that I still needed more stuff from there.
3) No big electronics stores. There was a Best Buy about 10 miles from my apartment in Orlando, but that's the closest they have to a big electronics store. The one there was also the smallest one I'd ever seen, about half the size of the one around here. Which makes it maybe 1/10 the size of our Fry's Electronics.
D) No Tillamook dairy products. Nothing that even tasted close to their ice cream.
E) The time change was a pain to deal with. People calling me at 3 in the morning since it was only midnight at home. Not being able to call people in the morning because there was no chance that they'd actually be awake enough to answer their phone.
F) It's not my home and never will be.
g) They have hurricanes. I had to go through 2 of them, both Katrina and Wilma. They're annoying and not good for much except getting extra time off of work. I think Congress should outlaw them or something like that.

I'm currently in school again, I'm tired of it already but I need good grades in my class to get my GPA as high as possible. I plan on taking one more quarter which will consist of English, Vector Graphics, and Photoshop class, and then I'll be able to graduate with 2 separate AA degrees. Don't ask me what I'm doing after that point because I don't have any idea. I might transfer to a different school and work on a degree in Business Psychology; I might quit school and get a job that I pays enough to live on and doesn't suck too much, or I might stay at BCC for another quarter or two as an excuse not to do either of the previous options. I got plenty of time to figure it out.

In important news: Seattle didn't break its 53 year old record for most consecutive days of rain. We went 27 of the 34 days required to break the record. Now I'm a little disappointed. I don't remember ever getting close to the record and we only needed one more week. This does make up for last year when we had the driest February on record when I was walking at school in shorts and a Tshirt in 20C weather in the middle of winter. AMD released their Athlon FX60 processor last week, which is really fast and even more expensive There's a rumour flying around that Fox may bring back Futurama. I just threw my Christmas tree off of my back deck last night and it landed on the fence and is still hanging there at this moment; I might put up a picture later if I remember to take one while it's light outside. I have joined TBQelite's rank and, for various reasons, have withdrawn my membership from ShadowWalker's He-Man-Woman-Haters Club. And for the next 16 hours my basement will be relatively clean since I moved all of the random crap out of there and into my bedroom. After school tomorrow I'm probably going to take all of the junk that isn't mine and put it back in the basement so that my room will once again be semi-clean.