Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday to Blog

My blog is now two years old today. Here are a few updates to my November 2004 postings:
1) I have managed to post semi-regularly these past two years, sometimes in binges, sometimes less than once a month
2) Febreze and Lysol spray are still not recommended as a substitute for bathing, although they are better than nothing if your only other option is not bathing
3) Black Friday is still crazy and sane people should avoid it. Yes, I’m planning to be @ Fry’s when it opens this Friday
4) The Nintendo DS is the fastest selling video games system in Japan in history. It sold 10 million units 2 months faster than the PS2 which was the former record holder. They now have an improved, slimmer version and it’s still a relative bargain compared to the PSP

What else is new? I’m sitting on a pile of Wiis (not quite literally but they’re on the same piece of furniture I’m sitting on), I still go to the same school, have the same friends, work at the same job, and drive the same truck. I’ve moved from one coast to the other and back again. Lots of people want me to introduce my girlfriend (which to the best of my knowledge I don’t have one, but that doesn’t stop people from asking anyway) to them. There is finally an mp3 player on the market that is as good as a Creative Zen but Apple still can’t match it. Intel now has a processor line that doesn’t suck. And most importantly, I have to ration my Vanilla Coke as it is no longer available.

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