Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dumbest Thing I’ve Read Recently

A pair of hippy neighbors in Commiefornia have spent more than six years in court arguing over solar panels and trees. Mark Vargas sued his neighbors in 2001 because the trees in their back yard shaded his brand new, $70,000 solar panels. The judge recently ordered the neighbor, Richard Treanor and his wife, to cut down two of the redwood trees in their backyard to accommodate their neighbor’s new solar panels. Both families are the “ultra-hippy” type who planted their trees and installed solar panels because it made them feel morally superior to be “doing something” for the planet. However, Treanor planted his redwoods before Vargas bought his solar panels.

If I was going to blow $70K on anything I would probably do a bit of research. If my neighbors had either tall trees or trees that would get tall I probably wouldn’t put solar panels where they would potentially be shaded by the trees.

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