Thursday, January 15, 2009


I received my final textbook for this quarter a few days ago and realized that this book was a total rip-off, much more so than normal college textbooks. This particular textbook is a supplemental course pack put together by our "Business, Government, and Society" professor which has additional readings for us. I’ve had these before and didn’t have too much to say about them one way or the other except that they were grossly overpriced and usually just scans or photocopies of original material. This book, however, was made up almost entirely from magazine articles, newspaper articles, and corporate publications that can be found online for free with a few minutes searching via your favorite search engine. The one piece that was not freely available online was 3 poorly copied pages from a 2003 textbook, which is available at the school library.

I have all of the links saved and will offer to email them out to any classmates who wish to have them so they can avoid wasting their money on a useless booklet. Maybe I should ask for donations? :)

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