Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On Monday I had my first day off in 3 weeks thanks to Wilma. Since the managers @ Typhoon Lagoon didn't expect a huge crowd I got yesterday and today off as well. Having 3 days off in a row makes me realize exactly how much I truely hate working @ Disney World. Next week I start my new job working @ the Pecos Bill restaurant in Magic Kingdom and I'm looking forward to that almost as much as I looked forward to getting my wisdom teeth taken out.
Yesterday I drove down to Miami with Salinda to pick up Briana from her school since they don't have any power or water down there until further notice. I didn't plan on really going anywhere yesterday much less driving 600 miles; I just wanted to get Garrett's Mini up and running so I would have a cool car to take to work everyday and not have to wait for the stupid bus. I now have all of the parts ordered and they should be arriving sometime early next week. I also found out that it's pretty much a Frankencar. The chassis is supposedly from a early 60s Morris Mini, the body is supposedly a mid-70s Cooper, and it supposedly has a 1275cc engine from a late 60s Cooper. And once the new starter system is installed it will be mine until Garrett takes it back; probably when he gets back from his next Iraq tour.


Rabenstrange said...

Garret's doing another tour?

I wonder what his finance (or is she his wife now?) thinks about this.

Neemund said...

I haven't had a chance to ask Mrs. Littrell yet. As for the mini, the whole electrical system is now in good working order. However I am not going to drive said vehicle until I take it to the shop and get a full tuneup on it. The distributor cap is pretty gummed up from sitting so long and most of the fluids should probably be flushed out and/or topped off. I did the expensive part now I'm gonna let someone else do the cheap, teadeous part.