Friday, November 18, 2005

Intel Declines AMD Offer of Dual Core Duel

Several weeks ago AMD make a public challenge to Intel to put two dual core servers together in a head to head comtest of raw computing power. Intel has now decided to decline the offer to show off their supposedly superior products. Here's the top ten reasons why as suggested by INQ:
10. Tried to follow their own roadmap to get to the duel
9. Decided to take the "front-side bus" to the duel; got stuck in a bottleneck
8. The "Intel Inside" stickers they used to package the cores together keep melting
7. Too busy rearranging the deck chairs on the Itanic
6. "Hey, we don't expect anyone to actually buy these things!"
5. Didn't want to compete when they realized that the duel would involve actual "rules" of fair competition
4. They couldn't get a permit from the fire department to emit that much heat
3. No systems available yet - protective clothing used by manufacturers only safe for up to 149 watts
2. Dell told them they weren't allowed to participate

And the number one reason Intel won't accept the dual core duel:

1. Moore's Law has been replaced by "Paul's Paradox": the number of canceled products per year at Intel will double every year after the introduction of the AMD Opteron processor.

So basically AMD has a better server platform right now. What does that mean to an average person? Absolutely nothing, unless you happen to own AMD stock since a better product might possibly result in better sales.
On a more important note, however, Xbox360s go on sale mightnight Tuesday.

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The Shadow Walker said...

Reason 0. Realized that getting there pants burned off AND still being beat would look bad, even after a Photoshop.