Monday, September 11, 2006

My Token 9/11 Post

Five years ago a bunch of idiots hijacked planes and used them as weapons. If you’ve been living in a hole since then, even you have probably heard of it. It was supposedly a grand plan involving great terrorist masterminds, I disagree. I don’t believe it takes that much coordination to take over four planes and smash them into stuff. A couple of smart guys and a handful of big, strong guys are all it would take. They also have to be dumb enough to want to commit suicide during this attack as well.

The passengers on the planes are the most responsible for letting this attack go through. They outnumbered the hijackers dozens to one and couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything to prevent the hijacking. One group of passengers took charge and got their plane smashed into the ground. They died, but they didn’t have anything to lose in the first place; so they probably saved the lives of many more people. The other groups on the other three planes could have done something similar and maybe survived. Maybe not.

Thanks to these people I can no longer carry a water bottle onto a commercial airplane. I still bring my knife with me everywhere I go since it won’t set off any metal detectors, but I get a little paranoid having it now. I’ll still smuggle water bottles onto planes and toothpaste but I really don’t care if those get confiscated. I can no longer go to the terminal gates without a boarding pass, although I’ve found no evidence that someone has ever hijacked a plane in the US without a proper boarding pass. Nail-clippers and knitting needles are no longer allowed on planes, and old ladies are being searched in their wheelchairs in case they try to smuggle a sewing needle or whatever other weapon they intend to use to hijack their plane.

The terrorists have won. They have made life difficult to millions of people without directly affecting more than a few thousand. They have made millions of idiots very paranoid and afraid to conduct their daily business. Also, they managed to destroy one of the few things I actually liked in New York.

I’ve never liked NYC. I think that people there are rude and arrogant and have no right to be either. I recall a little old lady pushing me on the sidewalk and yelling, “EXCUSE ME. WILL YOU PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!” It was rather humorous though. I dislike New York and honestly don’t care that thousands of people were killed there. I liked the WTC and am disappointed that it is gone but I’ll be there next week to throw a cent into the World Trade Center Memorial Hole.

Am I an insensitive jerk for thinking that way? Yes I am. Do I care? Nope. Are people going to be flaming me for this post? I doubt it, no one even reads my blog. If you agree with any of my views, wonderful. If you don’t, there are thousands of other blogs out there that probably say something you like and you should read some of them. I bow to no one; I respect no one’s opinion unless they give me a good reason to do so. The next time we get attacked by Islamic extremists, I want to see their holy sites glassed by 20 megaton nukes with “Suck it Allah” written on the casings.

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Neemund said...

I've just been informed that nail-clippers and non-metal knitting needles are now acceptable on airplanes. But chapstick and toothpaste are still banned.