Friday, September 14, 2007


Looking through some random genealogy/history archives I’ve tried to look as far back as possible to find my earliest known ancestor. The farthest I can find information for was Odin, son of Frithuwald and Beltsa. Odin was born circa 215AD in either Eastern Europe or Western Asia. Over the duration of his life he had five wives and ten children. His genealogy goes back another five generations to Godwulf, born circa 80AD, but I know nothing else about Godwulf except that he had a son around 100AD named Flocwald.

Godwulf is a pretty cool name though.

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Trebonte said...

Godwulf is a pretty cool name. Not so much Flocwald.

"Flocwald dear, you forgot your lunch again!"

"Aw mom... I told you not to call me that in front of my friends!"

"There's no reason to be ashamed of your name dear."

*friends snicker*