Saturday, June 21, 2008


We’ve got a fun new project at the print shop this coming month. Apparently we’ve got an order for 1500 catalogs and they’re at a size where it’s not economical to print on a press. Therefore all of them will be printed on 4 laser printers. It’ll take about 45 minutes per set to print the pages of each individual book and they want the printers to operate 18 hours per day. So as soon as the final sign off is made on the samples I’ll be working 18:00-03:00 everyday for about 3 weeks straight, or 4 weeks if it’s decided not to run weekends. Each book will have to be cut to size, have tabs inserted, and boxed to be shipped to the binders. In total I’ll have to work close to 200 hours during this period, which a huge portion being overtime. I should make enough in those three weeks to completely cover fall tuition, books, and fees; as well as possibly acquire a laptop that’s less than 10 years old.
Should be interesting.

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