Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waiting For The Rest of the Story

The government has a new definition for WMD. This now includes "improvised explosive devices with explosive formed projectiles." If this is indeed the case, those who claim there aren’t, nor ever were, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are full of crap. Afghanistan also has a bunch there too.

This topic came up because a group of guys out east are charged with terrorist plots of trying to kill police officers. If this story is indeed true, these guys need to be locked up, but since the police kept changing their story when sending in a full strike team to arrest these guys, I have no reason to believe their story. A neighbor said, "Helicopters and planes in the air, and guns drawn everywhere. At first, they said it was meth, then guns, then bombs." All three are different, I don’t see how they could be confused with each other, and if the officers on the scene honestly did not know why they were there, they probably should not have been there.

If the official story given is indeed true, these guys are scum who need to be locked up. Read the full story here on the Chicago CBS site.

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