Friday, November 26, 2004

Crazy Shopping

I decided not to go to bed last night and instead stay up late for the stores to open for the after Thanksgiving sales. Fry's was supposed to open at 6 this morning, so we got there a few minutes beforehand. There were probably 200 people in a line to still get into the store, which had decided in to open early. There was aleady a constant flow of people leaving the store will carts full of sale items. I wanted to buy a portable DVD player, an mp3 player, a new pen drive, and a new pair of ear phones. To make a short story even shorter, everything that was on sale that I wanted was already gone by the time I made it to the back of the store to pick them up. I did manage to buy a portable CD player for $7.
Just for kicks I decided to go over to Walmart just to see if they still had anything. They had a portable DVD player for $99, but they were sold out. I did see a really nice one on sale for $14o, but I decided that it was not worth the time to stand in line for it. So I ended my shopping day with only a single item bought. Walmart scares me with the amount of people who try to cram themselves into it. Also the aisles are half the width of Fry's so its impossible to get anywhere. I mainly wanted to go to laugh at all of the frantic people there. What they realize is that Walmart's prices really aren't that much better than any of the other stores in the area, usually only a few cents cheaper. I'd rather give my business to some other store that actually likes its customers and has aisles large enough to navagate with people in them too.


TBQelite said...

Isn't it amazing to see how people will react on days such as Black Friday? They start acting like rude selfish children. I was watching while a group of men were fighting (petty fighting. Not like what happened at the Auburn Walmart) for the last of the seven dollar cd players and the Frys employee stopped handing them out to them until they would stop their fighting.

Rabenstrange said...

So what do you thinK? Are people crazier on black friday or black monday?

Sounds like a poll for the