Monday, November 22, 2004

Nintendo DS

Tonight the Nintendo DS comes out. I thought that it was going to be the new gameboy, but it is not. It is not compatible with the original gameboy, super gameboy, or color gameboy games. It will play gameboy advanced games though. I’m guessing that this will become one of those proof of concept systems kind of like the VirtualBoy. If the system flops, oh well. If it is successful it will probably merge with the gameboy line in the next year or so and become fully compatible with the old games in a slightly different model or a firmware update. They are currently selling between $170 and $200 on ebay right now. I might try to pick up one or two in the morning for resale. If they are in as high of demand as most people think, they might be able to sell for a profit a week before Christmas. We’ll see.
On another note, Slashdot had an article about a guy who built his own PlayStation2 portable system. Unlike the real PSP system being released soon, this portable playstation is fully compatible with all of the playstation discs. If there was such a system commercially available I’d probably buy it. But with the PSP being cartridge based and not compatible with the other systems which bear the playtstation name. I’m also still waiting for a handheld version of the GameCube which would use the same 80mm discs that the cube uses today.
I did have a Gameboy Color that I installed a backlight into the screen, but that isn’t all that impressive now that all of the GBA SPs have backlights in them.

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