Monday, November 22, 2004

Picking up dates

Here's a little something that I've learned from observation. Personal hygiene is not recommended for trying to pick up a date, it’s a requirement. To you guys who spend every waking moment playing video games and somehow manage to pick up a date; Febreze and Lysol spray are not acceptable substitutes for a shower and clean shirt. Actually, I’ll say the same thing to you girls out there too because I’ve actually met a few of you. Flossing is also recommended in this whole concept of hygiene; nasty things in your teeth don’t need to be seen by anyone. To those of you of either gender who haven’t shaved in a few days, your date would be much more impressed with you if you chose to do so before the date. All of this is moot if you are taking your date to a LAN party or other such venue, but please remember to use deodorant at least once in a while for everyone’s benefit.

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TBQelite said...

Here's a suggestion: wear the same color shirt that your toothpaste is. That way you can quickly do a spot check and make your shirt the original color while having that "minty fresh" smell that many like.