Monday, February 21, 2005

Working Order

I've been putting it off for several months now, but I've finally fixed the most messed up parts of my vehice. I have replaced the wiper motor, so I now have functional windshield wipers; something that I would recommend all Seattle drivers to have. My rear brakes were also squeaking badly, so I opened them up only to learn that excess brake dust was building up inside. I probably have 10,000 miles left minimum before I need to replace them, unless I do a ton of 4x4 off roading in the near future. They still squeak though, so I might take some WD40 to them to fix the squeak. I tweaked my suspension a little so I will have a much smoother ride when hauling 500+ kilogram loads in the back. There are quite a few things that I still need to do, but I now have the more important/annoying ones out of the way.
My current vehicle maintenance to do list:

Get/install a rear-view mirror
Fix rear, passenger window latch
Get/install an emergency brake (I've never had one)
Replace sound system with one that works better while listening to AM radio