Saturday, January 27, 2007

Squirrels ate my Pizza

Yes, some squirrels ate my pizza. I generally keep food outside in my barbeque that won’t fit in my refrigerator since it is kept about the same temperature outside. I probably wouldn’t keep things like meat or milk outside since the temps aren’t consistent, but I put a pizza out there two days ago. I keep things like pizza in the BBQ since it is enclosed therefore bugs and critters will leave it alone. I guess that is no longer the case as I went out to get the last few pieces of pepperoni for breakfast this afternoon only to find holes chewed in the box and all of the toppings missing from my pizza. My only guess as to how something got in there was that it crawled through a hole where ashes and grease drain out of the bottom and into a pan. Some squirrel would have had to jump up and grab the grease pan, then squeeze through the hole and into the grill in order to get access to the pizza box. There was a slice that appeared to be untouched, but I didn’t feel like giving my immune system a heavy workout this weekend.


Mercy Now said...

Squirrels or racoons. Racoons are very tenacious, they can get into anything, attics, basements, etc. I caught one and left it in the cage and the next morning, it had bitten some of the wires on the cage, sharp freekin teeth.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

What a tragic loss! Better luck next time.