Friday, January 19, 2007

We'd Still Have Snow if it wasn't for Global Warming

The snow finally melted. This is the first time in my life that snow has remained on the ground in Seattle for 10 days straight. Today the rain melted the remainder.
   On a related note, the Weather Channel has a show dedicated exclusively to "global warming" where the host, Heidi Cullen, now argues and any meteorologist or climatologist who denies human pollution as the cause of global warming should be stripped of their credentials by the American Meteorological Society. Obviously the planet has never warmed up before and we would still be living in an ice age if humans hadn't started burning things, releasing environmentally harmful gases into the atmosphere.
I still don't know a group more dogmatic than mainstream scientists. If a scientist proposes an alternate theory to anything mainstream, that still fits in with all data available, it most likely will not be published in any journals because it is different. For example, New Scientist had an article claiming that the only reason that the Big Bang is the predominant theory in cosmology is because no one is willing to fund the research of scientists who argue otherwise.
   On an unrelated topic, Congress is trying to raise the minimum wage in a few parts of the country, except in territories where Pelosi's constituents have large manufacturing facilities.
   I guess that's it for my random update.

Random Quote of the Moment:
   Yeah, well what you plan and what takes place ain't ever exactly been similar.
      -Jayne in Serenity

I lied, there's still some ice and snow around here, the warmish rain hasn't melted it all quite yet.


Trebonte said...

Global warming is highly overrated.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

I have more evidence for the fact that global warming is overrated. In Colorado, we are in the middle of our fifth straight week of snow. :)

The Shadow Walker said...

When the world has a "normal" year, I'll be scared.

As for Minimum Wage...How do they think this will help, eh? Really, I have to wonder if it's just a political stunt or if they really believe that it will work as intended.


Neemund said...

But while the rest of us were being buried in abnormally large amounts of snow (except for Rabenstrange), it was 70 degrees in New York. Because it was warm in all of New England that PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that global warming is VERY severe and SUVs and power plants are the sole cause for the ENTIRE planet cooking itself right now.

The Shadow Walker said...

My previous point stands.



P.S. How many Hurricanes did they have this last year...mmmmmm?