Saturday, October 14, 2006

Quiz 2006

Today was the first quiz meet of the new TBQ season. I coached Aaron and Nat in the A1 level. They really need to study more. They won 1 of 9 matches, losing 2 matches to our other team. They lost to the 2nd and 11th ranked teams in the country, which is to be expected, but neither of those teams were at the top of their game. My team could have and should have done better, but they didn’t. Evan wanted to humiliate them by putting them in the higher division so they would step up the work and rise to the competition level. Did it work? Probably not. Brenda scored nearly as many points as Nat and Aaron combined. Good job Brenda. Aaron, are you planning to let both of your sisters beat you next time?


Woody said...

WEll that is rather sad!!! Sorry to hear that.

Woody said...

p.s. YOU WIN!!!!

Neemund said...