Monday, October 16, 2006


Happy Monday to everyone. Is that an oxymoron? Oh well, if it is it isn’t as bad as “good morning” in the contradictory phrase category. Yesterday my entire family got together for my sisters’ birthday, which was Saturday. So happy birthday to the two of them, and anyone else who happened to have a birthday this past weekend.

Right now I’m sitting at school waiting around for Brenda to get out of class now that mine are over. Brandon and I drove separately today so I don’t have to wait around for him. I really need to work on my accounting and Japanese homework, so I might do that as soon as I’m done screwing around on the computer.

To add to the unrelated ramblings of my fingers, we are having a Halloween/costume party for our group at church. So far 4 of us have decided to go as the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece. We’ll be hitting up the second-hand stores in the near future to find clothes for our costumes. It should be very interesting.

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