Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Oktober to Ye

School is in its third week, the temperature is consistently below 80ºF, and I haven’t posted in two weeks; just my typical fall. I’m done with my classes for today and am now killing time until Brenda gets out of class. After that we convince Brandon that we’re indeed done with school therefore he should be too; followed shortly by our departure from the campus.

I’m indeed back from my excursion out East. It was hot and humid during that week, well beyond what I am typically accustomed to here in the dry Pacific Northwest. I saw old buildings, some cool stuff in museums, annoying politicians, armed military escorts carrying enough firepower to level buildings, more historical buildings, and entire city blocks where I didn’t hear a single word of English spoken by those passing by.

I can now cross Delaware off my short list of states I’ve never visited as we stopped there to grab food at the nearest Cracker Barrel. I also ate some great food everywhere else on the trip. They have “5 Guys” restaurants which remind me of a hybrid between “In & Out Burger” and “Dick’s” therefore it was pretty good food. They also had teriyaki which wasn’t that great and lots of street vendors with food that was great. I definitely gave my digestive system, as well as my immune system, a good workout.

After getting back home I went to the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup with Shadow Walker and his siblings. We were supposed to meet with TBQelite and Gerhalt but that meeting never took place. It was also one of those weird days when none of us had strong appetites, so we cancelled this year’s Earthquake burger eating contest. For those of you who don’t know Earthquake burgers, they are roughly one pound of lean beef grilled fresh with onions; but they cook down to be only about 7” in diameter. They are also some of the best tasting burgers around. We weren’t in the mood for a heavy lunch so we journeyed to Miako’s for normal teriyaki instead.

Those are my highlights since my last post. Maybe I’ll post something interesting later.

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