Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Goodbye Coldness

Well the cold front has left, now we’re stuck with the pathetic, normal Seattle weather. I woke up to temperatures in the mid 50s and rain. Just 4 days ago temperatures were in the 20s and it was freezing rain. I am not happy about that at all. If we’re going to be stuck with coldish weather for a while I want snow on the ground. I did have fun spraying water on my brother’s car and watching it freeze instantly as I put layer upon layer of ice on his car. But what I want is snow! We need at least one day of hard snow to close everything down and have a good time outside. Yes I could go up to the pass but that’s an hour away. We had ice and it was fun to see idiot drivers remove themselves and their cars from the road (with thousands of dollars in property damage), but I still want snow. Anyone who has any extra, please tell it to come here for a few days.

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