Monday, January 24, 2005

More randomness

I was listening to Michael Savage on the radio on Friday, not something I normally do. He is usually a very depressing individual who's mood is dictated by which medication he had to take that day, or how booze he drank beforehand. He made a rather interesting statement that I found humerous. "I wasn't like normal kids. I just sat at home, cleaning my guns, plotting my revenge." He was kidding and I thought it funny.

But something that isn't as funny was the kids who were having a fundraiser for the Asian tsunami relief efforts who were blocked by their school. They got authorization to host a video game tournament and chose Halo 2 as their game to play. When the school officials recognized this they went ballistic because it was a game with "violence" in its gameplay. They also said about how such a thing was inappropriate because of incidents such as the Colombine shootings. I'm not sure what destroying aliens and cyborgs has to do with school shootings. After playing such games, my urge to kill people at my school was no higher than usual. All of these psuedo-psychologists who want to blame everything and everyone for a kids' actions except for the kids themselves.

And on a more positive note I learned an easy way to become a millionaire.
Step 1: get addicted to an over-priced drink at Starbucks or similar establishment
Step 2: stop in and buy one of these every day
Step 3: give up your daily, over-priced espresseo shop drink and put that money into high interest, long term bonds.
Step 4: do this for 40 years and factor inflation and compounding interest
Congratulations! You are now a millionaire with virtually no effort or gambling or rich relative having to die.


Kate Robinson said...

That's a good idea.
Until this month, when I gave it up, Starbucks cost me upwards of $28 per week.

annarose said...

Our town just got a Caribou Coffee...ahh it makes me so happy...

Neemund said...

Caribou Coffee? Is that a chain or just a privately owned shop? I've never heard of it, plus I don't like coffee.