Sunday, January 30, 2005

Fabulous Friday!

Sweet bliss of a day is soon upon us all. Or at least it is for those of us who attend BCC. This is because this Friday is “Professional Development Day” which basically means the teachers have to sit in lecture all day while the rest of us go do something productive. For the day I want to paintball. Anyone who wants to come may come. I no longer have my arsenal so those of you without guns will have to find your own this time. I vote we go up to Shadow Walker’s place, or possible Seabeck, for a change of scenery.

In other news: Fort Lewis is in lockdown last I heard because a set of night vision equipment is missing. Iraq held elections and a bunch of people voted in a legit election for the first time in their life. AMD has begun production of their new processors that will implement SSE3 and strained silicon which should allow for better overclocking abilities than with the current generation of Winchester core chips. I’ll look into buying one of these chips probably at the beginning of the summer.


EJB said...

Lucky for me I have just come in to some money from babysitting my sister. So I have the money to buy my own gun. If I will is another matter. I had been planning to wait until my B-day. I was going to put most of the money in the bank like I normaly do and have my parents buy me the gun. I will see if it's worth spending it now or just waiting. If it happens and a lot of you can go I will if not I won't. Also depends if I'm free that day, but I should be. All and all I don't know if I'll come or not. If you guys have a LAN party after probebly not.

Kate Robinson said...

I also heard Fort Lewis was on lockdown, but I've been going on and off post freely all weekend. I think it's just that unit that's on lockdown. Sucks for them, since they just got back from Iraq and they wanna go home!

EJB said...

" I am getting better at this game, but it is starting to take away from my Defend Your Castle playing so I might have to stop pretty soon. My current best game is level 24, with 932110 points and a ranking of Enlightened Sage. I bet you can't beat 300,000,000 points in DYC any time soon (my game is saved and I've been too preoccupied to work on it more the past few weeks). "

*talking to self* How to respond. How to respond. Many courses I could take. I could ignore him, and in so doing, spite him silently. Or I could take his challange and play it until I get carpal tunel syndorme and neglect my schoolwork. Or I could.......yes that's perfect. I just have to make sure he doesn't catch on. It'll have to be very hush, hush. Not even a whisper in my sleep. */talking to self*

I got 144,560 points on DYC today. It's a start. I'd played it before, but not seriously. That's a pretty good score yourself in Rocket Mania(well DYC too). Something really close to that used to be my best score. I haven't even played that game for a while because I think it would really have to be some great stroke of luck for anyone to beat my score. Don't be so sure that I can't beat your score at DYC though. I have a lot of free time. *devious glint in eye*