Friday, January 21, 2005

Working Title: "TBQ 3007"

I'm getting tired of whining and ranting about random stuff right now. If people weren't so stupid the world would be a much better place and I wouldn't have to complain about it so much. But it's not so I guess I'll keep it up. But I'm out of interesting topics for the moment...oh wait I'm not so I'm going to post about something interesting for once.

In Wasilla, Alaska a man named Carlos is building an 18-foot tall mech-style robot. He originally wanted to build one 25 feet tall, but that proved to be too expensive for someone who is 27 and still lives with his parents. He will control it by riding inside with sensors hooked to his body so that the machine will mimic his movements. He says that his prototype that he is currently building will cost around $20,000.

If I was 27, still lived with my parents, and had $20K to blow, I don’t think building a giant walking machine would be my first choice. It would probably be more along the lines of making the down payment on a cheap house.


Neemund said...

I forgot the most important part. This machine has nail guns that shoot nine-inch nails and flame throwers built into it as well.

TBQelite said...

I'm tempted to go about trying to build my own mech. That guy actually sparked an interest within me to actually do something.

annarose said...

what exactly does he intend on doing with it? besides terrorizing the neighborhood shooting out tires with nails and lighting bushes on fire?

Neemund said...

I'm guessing that he mom just stopped giving him money for comic books, so he found something else to spend her money on. I think it would be fun to have, but would probably have the S.W.A.T. team out after me even if I didn't do anything. If I had one I'd go out into the middle of nowhere and sell rides in it.

TBQelite said...

Why would he need a reason for his mech? That thing is just plain awesome.

But here's a good reason:

He and others can build mechs and fight each other. They would have to sign waivers and find ways to enclose the operator so s/he doesn't get hurt. I would pay to wathc that. I think it would make lots of money and startup costs are cheaper than some other sports.

Rabenstrange said...

I would pay even more if it was a gladiator style sport where the operator actually could get hurt(just kidding).

That would make an awesome show, almost like highstakes battle bots. Not only would I watch such a show, I'd invest money in a company that sold action figures for the show. Action figures, erector set knockoffs and the like would make massive profits if the show ever got popular.