Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mexico helps illegals cross boarder

The Mexican government published a booklet last month telling its citizens that wetbacking over the boarder isn’t a good idea. BUT, if someone was going to attempt such a feat, here are helpful tips to aid you in your journey. It contains suggestions on how to best avoid authorities, the best things to say if confronted, and how not to die in the desert in your traveling.

Well since illegal migrants seems to be Mexico’s number one export at the moment, I can see why they would want to help out its citizens.

Their number two export I believe is still oil. They’ve got tons of the stuff, and its basically right next door. So if we ever decide to go to war just because we want more cheap oil, lets just nuke the Mexicans for a few weeks and take theirs.


Fnord said...

I noticed that you enjoyed "The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving." Is that a good book?

Kate Robinson said...

Thanks for your comment on Katespeak, it was very funny. As soon as I read it I had a suspicion you were part of the rabenstrange/TBQElite crowd. I think you guys are great! Thanks for reading. In return, I am now reading all your blogs (I hope you don't have too many more friends).
Remember when people were all arguing over whether we should put up some water stations in the desert, so when the illegal immigrants wouldn't die of thirst?

Neemund said...

"The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving" was a very interesting read. It had some really weird things in it as well, like the fact that the author works in a hospital, not some loser job like you would typically thing of when you think of someone who dives dumpsters. It didn't convince me to change my primary hobby to dumpster diving though.

No, I don't recall people wanting to put water stations in the desert but it doesn't surprise me at all. Those are probably the same people who are against building wind power generators because birds might fly into them and be injured or killed.

Toad734 said...

Why does this not surprise me?
Are you sure oil is their main export? I know they have it, I just didn't know they knew about how to get it.
It stands to reason that if there's oil in Texas, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico and Venezuela, that it would be in Mexico too.
By the way, Citgo, which is Venezuelan, doesn't use any Mid-East oil for their gas.

Neemund said...

I looked it up, Mexico isn't exporting very much oil at all, what they're pumping now is mostly being used domestically. So right now they're sitting on over 100 billion barrels of oil doing basically nothing with it. Every illegal boarder-hopper should bring some with them; or better yet, drill and sell oil to the US while staying in their own country.