Sunday, January 16, 2005

Not cold enough

For the 8th time in 9 days, the outside temperature hovers around freezing. They've predicted ice and/or snow virtually every night this past week. We've had some ice most mornings here, but that's about it; just enough to make things incovnenient for everyone but no more than that. I want it to warm up to the usual Seattle winter of 45, or cool off just enough to snow people in. Everything is covered in a layer of ice in my back yard at the moment, and it's raining right now. I want cold, ice AND snow; or I want my usual mild temperatures, not this garbage in the middle.


TBQelite said...

I want at least ONE good day of snow.

Rabenstrange said...

I want a week with an initial foot of snow and an aditional 3ish inches every day for the rest of said week.